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Meet the maker // Pinky Promise Photography

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

I’ve recently gained some new followers over on Instagram (Hey guys!!) and as it’s such a strange time we’re currently living in, I thought it would be the perfect time to write a blog so you can get to know me a little better. (It's also been a great distraction as I'm still on the post lockdown baking bandwagon as I'm missing out on wedding cake consumption!)

Seeing as there are some newcomers, *waves at the people at the back* here are some things about the nerdy soul behind the camera at Pinky Promise Photography that nobody asked for!

I’m tall, 6ft with flats on, which is why I live in Vans and Toms. (Also great for weddings as they’re super quiet when sneaking around churches and venues with squeaky wooden floors or being a ninja capturing your guests unaware!) For a long time I used to slouch and hated it. However with my thirties, came acceptance. I get an awesome view at gigs, I can reach things on high shelves (and regularly help little old ladies in shops) and because of my stupidly long legs I’m never late as I can stride it out even if I park my car miles away! Someone called me lanky the other day, and I took it as a compliment!

I love Disney. (Possibly more than a 30ish year old woman with no children should.) It’s my happy place and I have many happy childhood (and adult) memories with my parents and friends visiting the different parks. I’ve been to 3 out of the 6 park locations across the world. I did have plans to tick off the Eastern parks too but they’re on hold till the world is a little less upside down!

I’m also a MASSIVE Harry Potter nerd. I’m a proud muggle born Hufflepuff and will happily discuss the merits of house elf welfare with anyone that will listen….

I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled across a lot of the States, over to New Zealand, bounced around Europe and visited one of my besties in Australia too. If I’ve not got flights booked to somewhere, I’m planning my next adventure!

I'm also pretty lucky that I currently have two places I call home. One in Essex near Chelmsford (Essex girl at heart!) and now one in Norfolk near Downham Market with my Beardy one too! I jump between the two (when there isn't a global pandemic and enforced lockdown.) and have work bases at both, so I'm never too far from my emails and editing.

However, the exciting perk of Norfolk (other than my Beardy one!) is that I have a new little project I'm working on. We're currently in the early stages of creating the perfect little editing den, lovingly named ‘Pinky HQ’. I’m very excited and have countless samples of palm print wallpaper that I can’t decide on. Basically imagine a nerdy little cave, full of Disney artwork, Funko Pops, vintage furniture from my grandparents and all the trinkets I've collected over the years on my travels... heaven!

I love milk. I still drink pints of it, especially when I'm having an editing marathon. However it’s come to my attention recently that I might actually be lactose intolerant… I feel like someone, somewhere, is mocking me! (This still hasn’t stopped me indulging. Oooops!) As a grown up I now also have a love for pornstar martinis and fruity gins with lemonade too but I try not to mix them while editing as your photos will end up wonky!

I’m not married, (or even engaged 😅) but I may have a secret and rather large Pinterest board of my own wedding inspiration that’s hidden in the depths of the internet. He doesn’t know that and I would like to keep it that way!!

I’ve been told I’m not a huge fan of mornings! I think I might be a little grumpy at times, however once I’ve warmed up, I’m a barrel of laughs.

It’s also been mentioned by the same person that I’m a hoarder… I say collector!

I swear a lot. My mum hates it. (Hi mum, give everyone a disappointed wave) but I promise not to drop the F bomb in front of your Nan during your speeches though…!

I have a questionable taste in music. It's eclectic to say the least...! Just to give a slight idea of it's broad spectrum, the gigs I went to last year (when gigs where a thing..!!)

Ed Sheeran.

Country 2 Country music festival.

Bryan Adams.

.... Busted. 

(I caught a train from school and went to one of their first ever gigs in Southend before they even released 'What I go to school for.' and have stalked them ever since. My heart broke when they split up, I totally blamed Charlie, but now ecstatic that they are back with a vengeance.)

∴ My deepest darkest secret, I don’t like Nutella but I bloody love Marmite. (Please don’t judge me!!)


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