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Hey! I'm Helen 

"Just your average weirdo!

(As described by my wonderful loving husband... cheers knobhead!)

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I am...

Thirty something.

A proud Hufflepuff.

Norfolk & Essex based.

Impractically tall for a woman.

A soppy romantic.

Disney obsessive. 

(I wanted to visit all 6 parks before I was 30 but I only crossed off 3! So I named my wedding packages after the park locations instead!)

A broke globetrotter.

(The constant battle with saving (/adulting) versus spending all my money on adventures. )

I enjoy...

Starting books and never finishing them.

(Currently, The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon)

Late night impulsive eBay & Etsy purchases.

A cold glass of milk.

(or a fruity gin with lemonade if it's been a long day!) 


(Preferably Mini, one of my life goals is to own and restore an original R53 Cooper S!)

Chocolate chip shortbread biscuits.

(In copious amounts, probably the whole packet if it's left in my presence for too long.)

Film cameras.

(Collecting, fixing and using. My other half calls it hoarding...!?)


(Buying other peoples junk and thinking it's treasure. See above!)

Early 00's pop punk and country music.

(Green Day, Busted and Lady A in particular.)

Cooing and petting dogs that aren't mine.

(One day, I'll be a crazy dog lady with my own pack of labradors. All with old man names, obviously!)

Chinese takeaway

(Again, in copious amounts!)

Writing endless lists.

(See above!)

Less about me, more about my photography.

*insert standard photographer's cliche about photography always being my passion since being a kid*

Won my first photography competition in Brownies when I was only 7 

(Landscape shot of the Lake District and a portrait of my hamster Rupert, if you really wanted to know!) 

I still pinch myself that this is my "job".

I get to drop into a couples happiest day of their lives, document it (probably have a little cry behind my camera when they say their vows) and eat copious amounts of wedding cake... I'm literally living the dream!

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Lee Pinky Promise Photography Essex

My love story...

This is Lee.

(He's a knobhead, but he's my knobhead.)

If you meet me at a wedding show you'll most likely meet him too.

(Or occasionally walking through the back of a zoom call or being forced to go on my instagram stories.)

He got asked at the last show if he was a wedding stylist and hasn't shut up about it since...!

He does make a cracking cup of tea though!

(And is basically my biggest cheerleader and supporter. I wouldn't know what I would do without him but don't tell him that.)

The first time he met me I had a broken leg at the Year 6 secondary school warm up day.

(The next time he met me in Year 7 he was shocked that I could walk...!)

He is basically David Rose from Schitt's Creek.

(I wish I was joking! We binge watched the whole thing and I repeatedly waved and wildly gestured with raised eyebrows through every single episode whenever David did or said anything...)

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