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Fun IKEA engagement shoot Essex

Engagement sessions

Ooohhh I bloody love couple sessions!

Why should we have an engagement session?


If the thought of having one leaves you terrified,

this is the very reason you should have one!


My couples have told me that they are so much more comfortable having their photos taken on their wedding day because they know what to expect, they also get to know me better and how I work too!

Which I think is invaluable.


(So basically, you also won't be shocked when I army crawl across the floor or climb a tree to get the perfect shot...!)


I want to photograph the real you!!

If you've got a special way you hold hands, a way you snuggle each other, every couple fold into each other a certain way, and that's what I want to capture!

So what's the plan?

It's entirely up to you!

We can document a date...

Play mini golf and then get some doughnuts?

Go for coffee and stroll around your favourite book shops? 

Split a milkshake at an American diner?

Go for a wander around Ikea?

Sunrise picnic with bubbles and pastries?

Take your dog for a walk along the beach?

Pumpkin patch adventure and dress up like ghosts...?

Go back to where you first met... the possibilities are endless!


So what's the deal?

Just Helen shooting.

90 minute session | Probably cake!

Online password protected gallery of all images



Drop me a line, we'll get the ball rolling and make some plans! 

Pinky Promise Photography fun wedding photographer Essex
Relaxed autumn engagement shoot Norfolk

Pinky promise  // VERB

“The most sacred, serious vow anyone can ever swear to. These promises come straight from the heart and are sworn to value”



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