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Why you should print your photos!

Honestly, I'm not saying this so I can make some more money off you but you really should..!

(When I was a Saturday girl at Jessops I was an AWFUL sales person as I used to tell everyone to shop around to make sure they got the best deal on their cameras! My manger didn't agree with me... ooops!

Digital photos are amazing! Technology is amazing! Isn't it awesome that you can swipe across an ipad and relive your day in an instant. Send it in an email across the globe in seconds!

But it isn't tangible. It doesn't have a soul.

Touch is a huge part of how we connect and being able to hold something is a completely different experience. 

Even now, in the 21st century, nothing beats thumbing through an album. It's heavy thick pages turning from one happy memory to the next. In this digital age it's easy to forget just how important the printed image is.

Plus, if you have them, your kids will thank you! 

(Probably mostly to laugh at the drunken dance moves and iffy fashions of when their parents tied the knot...! But you know, family heirloom and all that!)


Isn't it going to be a pain doing it?



Not in the slightest! (I promise!) That's what I'm here for!

All you have to do is go through your online gallery and "heart" what photos you love the most. 

For a standard 30 page album I recommend selecting around 85 - 100 images.

(Make an evening of it with a bottle of wine, pizza and relive your awesome day!)

I then get a favourited gallery my end and I create your bespoke album with your selected photos.

Once that's all done I send you a proof for you to approve with a little form letting me know your chosen finish, colours and what you would like inscribed on the cover.

I then place the order with my album maker, it then gets sent back to me so I can quality check it then it makes its way to you! 

Once your order has been placed the turnaround is approximately 6-8 weeks. 



Hell yes! Take my money! I want one...!

Yesssss!! So here's the deal...

15 spreads / 30 pages

Velvet, suede, linen or vegan leather cover

Personalised embossed name and date

Presentation box

10x10 album : £495

12x12 album: £575


[Add additional spreads £25 each]


Parent albums

Two identical 8x8 albums in the same design as your main album : £350


(£200 per album if ordered separately)

Drop me a line and we'll get the ball rolling! 

Can't wait to make an awesome album for your epic day!!

Alternative quirky bride and groom Secret Garden Ashford

Pinky promise  // VERB

“The most sacred, serious vow anyone can ever swear to. These promises come straight from the heart and are sworn to value”



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