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Same sex gay wedding grooms kissing under umbrella Essex


We hate posing for photos!

Me too!!!

Let's be honest, having a snog and copping a feel in front of camera is a smidge weird and not something you do every day (unless you do, no judgement here!!) but I promise to try my best to make you feel as comfortable as possible! (Normally by falling into a bush or something similar!) I want to capture the real you!! If you've got a special way you hold hands or maybe a way you snuggle each other? Every couple fold into each other a certain way, and that's what I want to capture!

We have fun, a giggle and hopefully you'll not even notice me crawling along the floor to capture you belly laughing together!

How long are you with us?

Until you need us!

If you choose to have party coverage then we really will be with you all day. If people are still dancing their socks off late into the night, then we'll stay! (And dance with you!!) We will judge it, if we know that we have captured everything then we will leave you guys to party.

In the morning we will be with you around 2 hours before your ceremony.

No wedding is the same so I don't like to put time constraints on you, no rushing, no stress.

How long do we need for couple portraits?

We do what you want us to do.

We recommend at least 25 minutes (which will fly by!) I think that having some time alone just the two of you on your wedding day is also really important. You can have a moment to just take it all in, squeeze each other, moan about the guest that's turned up in a super inappropriate dress and more importantly celebrate what you've achieved.

Yes, we'll be there with you, but we'll give you some space to chat and natter. If you want it, we'll give you very gentle direction but we promise to make it fun.

Basically, we'll stalk you from a bush while you have a cheeky snog.

We just want to capture you, being you!

Do you do group photos?

Of course, if you want them!!

It's normally the only time that families are all together in one place so we can happily make the most of it! I do feel they are super important however I wouldn't recommend any more than 8-10 group combinations, which shouldn't take any longer than 45 minutes (unless we're hunting for Grandma as she's propping up the free bar!!)

I'll make it fun but the last thing you need is an aching jaw from standing in one spot and smiling for too long! At your final details meeting we will chat all about your important people and prioritise your list.

Trust me, it can be like herding cats at times! (Drunk feisty cats on cat nip haha)

Please don't feel like you have to be pressured by an Aunt to have 16 photos with your second cousin that you haven't seen since your 4th birthday party either!! Obviously if you just want super chill documentary candid coverage with no formal group shots, that's totally cool too!

Your day, your rules!!

Do you limit the amount of images we receive?


Whatever package you settle on, if we are happy with the composition, colour balance etc (and you're not pulling a derpy face) you will get all edited images.


How many images do we get?

Honestly, it really varies from wedding to wedding.

It depends on all sorts of things, the weather and whats happening, it’s such a hard question! However for a full day package I would expect at least 750 colour and black & white images uploaded to your online gallery. If your wedding is in the summer and lots is going on more than a 1000 images is not uncommon, at present the biggest gallery has been just over 1,400 images.

That said, quality over quantity is still very important to me too.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, full public liability insurance and professional indemnity cover.

I can happily send it to your venue if required.

Do you offer a sneak peek?

Yes, always!

I select a few special images, edit and then upload them to a mini private online gallery a few days after your wedding so you can have a little taster of what's to come.

I then proudly share them for the world to see on my social media.

(With your permission, obviously!)


Can we meet you first ?

Hell yeah!!

It's so important that we all get on, it's a long day and it's natural to want to meet a few different photographers before you decide who is best for you. You want to be able to feel comfortable with whoever you settle on.


I often meet my couples at Lakeside in Essex (there's normally cake and coffee involved) on a weekday evening. If that isn't convenient for you, and with the past situation (global pandemic, who knew!!) we can natter over facetime, zoom session or on the phone if that's easier!

Once you're all booked in, we'll arrange a meeting around 4-6 weeks before your big day after you have had your final timings from your venue. You meet both of us to go over your final details and plans plus your family dynamics as we like to learn everyone's names so we're part of your 'I do crew' and fully immersed in your day!

Do you charge for travel?

I love to travel!! I literally will go anywhere for a slice of wedding cake!!

Travel expenses within 50 miles are included in all full day packages!

If the wedding is over 1 hour away from me or if prep coverage starts before 10am I will ask for accommodation the night prior to the wedding to be paid for. The cost of a low priced hotel like a cheeky Premier Inn is fine by me! We always share a twin room too so no need to pay for two rooms!

I will happily work abroad too! Please get in touch for destination wedding costs.


When should we book?

Without panicking you... as soon as you can!

There is a smidge of space left in 2024 and I'm approaching around 1/2 of my 2025 diary now being booked

(even have people asking about 2027!)

I do a little sob when couples get in touch and I'm already booked for their date so if you think we might be the perfect fit it's super important to get in contact when you know so I can check my availability.


The million dollar question....

Why should we pick you?

Without sounding super cheesy, I feel so honoured when couples pick me to capture their day! (cringe)

I feel so lucky to call this my 'job'. To be able to drop into one of the happiest days of your life and to document it for you is pretty awesome if you ask me!

At the end of the day, I'm just a 'normal' person (I'll admit, slightly nerdy!) who gets to work with 'normal' couples

People who want to do their wedding day their way.

If you want Colin the Caterpillar as a wedding cake, you do that! A bride that wants to do a speech as the groom is too nervous, hell yeah, team work! People that don't want to put on a front to please everyone and do it how they imagined it!

Bonus question....

Why is it "Pinky Promise" Photography?

As the blurb across my website says,

“The most sacred, serious vow anyone can ever swear to.

These promises come straight from the heart and are sworn to value”

(Thanks Urban Dictionary!)

Insert more cheese, but it's true. Marriage is the strongest 'Pinky Promise' you can make with anyone, so I thought the name was pretty fitting. You swear to annoy the same person for the rest of your existence, and that's pretty special! It also stands with my ethics and ethos, I don't plan to annoy you but I swear I will make sure your day is as awesome as it can be and I'll be there with my camera to capture it!





Pinky [icon treasures 2021] (1).png

Pinky promise  // VERB

“The most sacred, serious vow anyone can ever swear to. These promises come straight from the heart and are sworn to value”


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