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Relaxed Wiltshire wedding photographer // Rood Ashton Lake woodland wedding // Bradley + Sophie

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

This one is a little special for me.

I’ve known these two for well over a decade as I used to work with Bradley back when we were at Jessops. They’ve been together since they were teenagers, had two beautiful daughters and moved halfway across the country. They originally planned a small intimate wedding, put things on hold with Covid but then decided that wasn’t a good enough reason to postpone!

After multiple venue changes within the week leading up to it and last minute plans being shuffled around it all fell into place and it was perfect!

They got the day they always envisioned, surrounded by their nearest and dearest

(Sophie even got married barefoot like she always wanted…!) and I had a little cry behind my camera while they said their handwritten vows to each other.

This is what it’s about! Love is not cancelled!!

This amazing little derelict petrol station was only 5 minutes away from their special woodland venue. Bradley spotted me manically waving at him and pointing at it when I was following him to the ceremony and within 5 seconds of arriving and jumping out our cars we had already made plans to go back straight after!! We have a mutual love of vintage cars as they're both petrol heads like me, so it just seemed to fit perfectly. I love it when my couples are on the same page with my crazy ideas!

A little bit about them

Tell us about how the two of you met:

We met in 6th form, in the same art class. We had a mutual friend sorta introduce us. Lots of years later here we are.

Tell us about who proposed and how it happened:

He asked me in a park in the snow in Tallinn, Estonia. Managed to smuggle the ring through airport security without me knowing. It was dark and there were lights everywhere. It was perfect.

Will either of you be changing your name? (If you are, what have you decided?)

We are going to take each other's surnames as middle names. Not sure a double barrel is easy with our surnames.

Any other awesome, interesting or downright right weird facts about the two of you as a couple?

A lot of people may not know this but we have 20 toes between us.

A little bit about their day

Tell us about how and why you chose your wedding venue:

Well, this is an interesting one….to cut it short, we got this ten days before the wedding!

Long story, originally wanted a woodland but couldn't find one, then we booked the registry office in Bath. Then cancelled that. Meant to then be a derelict church, that didn't happen. Found the woodland last minute. It was a crazy time!

Tell us about how you have styled your day - what details are important to you guys and if you have gone with a theme:

What got done, got done. What didn't, didn't hahaha

I wanted kinda wild and relaxed. Lots of nature, greenery. We had a wedding tree for people to write wishes on, which we will plant in our garden. We wanted a relaxed wedding, very intimate.

The children picked their own dresses. Me and Brad did everything else pretty much. We chose every single song on the music playlist.

It was important to be barefoot when I said my vows. The connection to the earth during the ceremony was special.

Brad putting my shoes on was completely unplanned but actually really sweet as he used to do that when we first got together.

A ring I wore from a friend was very special.

The harpist learnt one of 'our songs' during the ceremony in 5 days!

Brad’s mum had made confetti from his nan’s flowers.

Brad’s ring was handmade and wooden. He wanted a ring he had to take care of like how you take care of a marriage. I got a second hand ring as that's more sustainable, and I just love it.

Tell us about your wedding dress - who it's made by - where you got it from - what made you choose it?:

It's Asos luv! I didn't want to spend a lot on a dress I wore once, I knew I wanted something long sleeved and embroidered. Then I added my own extra detailing and beads so it was unique to me.

Tell us about the grooms styling - who its made by - where you got it from - what made you choose it?:

The coat was the first thing we bought for the wedding! We wanted green and burgundy colours, and it suited Brad well. Obviously a shirt of radishes as we grow them in our garden. I gifted Brad the watch on the wedding morning to remind him to be on time. I was an hour late!

Tell us about your flowers : Who made them and why you chose the ones you have :

I did all the flowers, for the venue, hay bales, and the bouquets/brads buttonhole. I wanted something quite wild and with deep colours including some burgundy and purples. I wanted some evergreens in there as it's dutch tradition to use them for an 'ever' lasting marriage.

One tip to couples at the beginning of their wedding planning journey:

Just make sure it's personal to you two. Have whatever day you want and to try and savour the day, it goes too fast.


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