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2020 wish list blog // Pinky Promise Photography

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Let’s be honest, most brides have a wish list! (Come on boys, don’t act like you don’t either!) Long before your other half drops to one knee and actually asks the big question, you find yourself daydreaming about if having llamas on your wedding day is “too much!?" or an acceptable wedding expense…

I’m not married, or even engaged… (we have a very interesting love story that will make the grandkids laugh one day!) I also have multiple secret (and not so secret) Pinterest boards hidden away in the depths of the internet with inspiration saved for our own day when we finally do (that would scare him if he knew) but until then, I’ve created a personal wedding photography wish list instead!

With all the madness that 2020 has brought to the world, the wedding industry has been dramatically affected. Many couples have had to put their plans on hold after being told they can’t because of a government ban while others pushing their dates back just to keep the nearest and dearest safe. No longer are large lavish weddings an option for some and because of that, the idea of intimate elopements are becoming a very valid reality. With the legalities of having to be married under a fixed feature finally (but still slowly!) shifting to be inline with the Scottish rule, that you can get married anywhere, the options are going to become endless. (I know lots of people have had AMAZING woodland weddings in England in the past but they’ll FINALLY be legal so you won’t need to have a registry office ceremony a couple of days before!! Whoop!!)

Back garden wedding receptions at your parents house where you grew up. Maybe hire a field, have a BBQ, then light a fire pit and toast s’mores all together after saying your vows. Stand on the beach you had your first kiss with only your parents and siblings around you, the possibilities are endless!

Wedding at the Beaulieu Estate.

This is a very personal one for me (and probably an actual possible option for my own wedding that he actually agrees with too!) but I would love to photograph a wedding at Beaulieu. There are acres of stunning grounds set in the New Forest national park and you can either get married in the 800 year old Abbey, the ancestral home, Palace House, which has been in Lord Montagu's family since 1538..... OR THE ACTUAL CAR MUSEUM! Need I say more!!?

Dogs at weddings.

I have a mild obsession with dogs, you may have noticed from my Instagram stories. I’m not an owner yet, one day, but I can’t help but coo and pet any pup I see. (We've already decided we'll be naming our first labrador pup Monty, after all our visits to Beaulieu!) I always photograph the couples four legged family members during prep at home but we want them involved in the day! Nothing cuter than a pup in a bow tie!!

(This is Daisy, she's amazing and I wanted to steal her!)

Brighton wedding.

Once again, I’ve been so very lucky and have already captured a wedding down Southend Pier (worlds longest!) and a handful in Whitstable at The East Quay venue (bloody awesome fish and chips FYI!) too with amazing couple shots on the beach. But, I would love a seaside venue that’s only a little stroll down to the arcades, games on the pier, cuddling on the waltzers, sharing candy floss and feeding each other ice cream or(/and!) donuts. (Obviously, totally stealing some too!)

Little touches like personalised rock as favours, chips in newspaper, drinks chilling in plastic colourful buckets while the guests relax in deck chairs!

Harry Potter Studio wedding.

Now one of my ultimate personal wedding goals (that he doesn’t agree on, boohoo!) is that you can get married at the Harry Potter Studio tour… ACTUALLY HAVE YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION IN THE GREAT HALL!! My inner Hufflepuff is actually squealing!

Imagine having your couple photos surrounded by the film sets… kissing in the mirror of erised, strolling through the forbidden forest… snuggles on the Hogwarts Express… the nerdy possibilities are endless!!!!

(I might add I would happily settle for an engagement shoot here instead as I appreciate not everyone is loaded and has the budget to actually have a wedding there haha)

Added bonus, anyone want to have an engagement shoot in Disneyland Paris… please shout! That is an equal nerdy dream I want to come true!!

Destination wedding.

I’ve been so lucky, I’ve already shot a destination wedding, a ceremony at a beach cove on a private island followed by a rooftop reception overlooking the coast. I put her shoes on a lilo and floated it into the middle of the pool and his suit on a palm, as you do! I would love to have the opportunity again some day!

So many couples have incorporated personal touches to make their day truly special to them. Star Wars cakes with the Millennium Falcon crashed into the side of it, Stormtrooper groomsmen (completely different weddings I might add!!), a groom surprising his new animal obsessed wife with a petting zoo on their big day, doggy bridesmaids (why wouldn’t you!), lego favours for all the guests. I even wore a Sulley onesie to a wedding reception once for a Monsters Inc fanatical bride… always happy going the extra mile! (Also surprisingly comfy to work in too!!) I would love the chance to capture a full themed wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I love subtle touches. I always make sure I hunt them out but I’m talking full blown nerd fest that’ll rival comic con!

If you’re reading this and you’re shouting at the screen, "That’s our wedding!” I'm begging you to get in touch!! (Seriously get in touch, make a girls dream come true!)


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